Do any of the following sound familiar?

You scroll through Instagram and find accounts with tons of followers and engagement and but you can't figure out how to achieve similar results

You wake up in the middle of the night with an amazing idea that you would like to put out in the world. But you are not quite sure how to stick out.

You might have a day job or a family and even though art important to you and you are giving it your all you struggle to find the time to give your social media the attention it needs.

If this is you, we completely understand and we are here to help!

But, What Do We Do?

We are glad you asked!

Social Media Strategy

Every artist has their own unique style so a social media strategy can't be copied and pasted for everyone. We will help you create a strategy specifically tailored for your art.

Advertising on Social Media

Knowing what type of content to create, how to organize your feed and creating engaging stories for your account is no trivial thing. We will work with you to create engaging and relevant content.

Creation and Consultation

Advertising will help you grow your account in a faster and more reliable way. We will help you find your targeted audience and manage your campaigns. 

You can do your 
favorite part.


We'll take care of the rest